Preparing your Property for Sale – Essential Repairs and Maintenance

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Preparing your Property for Sale – Essential Repairs and Maintenance

Selling your home can be a nerve wracking and stressful process. Ultimately, you want to close a sale as quickly as possible and for the best possible price.

To draw in buyers and ensure you are in position to negotiate a good price, it’s essential that your property is looking its best. So before you list your home for sale, it’s worth investing some money in minor repairs and renovations to ensure your home is in the best condition both structurally and aesthetically.

Done properly, investing in professional handyman services before selling your home could end up paying for itself when the hammer falls at auction.

So let’s have a look at some of the most important things you should take care of before starting those open inspections.

House Painting

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Professional house painting inside and out is one of the best ways to refresh your home. Before setting foot inside your house, a buyer will start making a first impression based on the exterior condition. Faded or flaking paint will give the impression that the house has been poorly maintained. But a fresh coat of paint will clean up the appearance and improve kerb appeal.

The same goes for the interior of the home. Painting the interior walls and ceilings will help to brighten up the rooms while obscuring any minor imperfections or damage.

It’s important to carefully consider colours when repainting your house for sale. You should paint the interior with a neutral colour like a shade of white, cream or light grey. This will help to give a sense of light and space. It also helps potential buyers to envision how they will decorate the property. Bright or bold colours or patterns can be off putting to buyers and can make it difficult to see the house as a blank canvas that they can project their design visions onto.

Interior and Exterior Repairs

Interior and Exterior Repairs Melbourne

Even if your house is in great structural condition, minor visible damage around the home will give a buyer pause. Minor damage gives the impression that a house hasn’t been well looked after. From a buyer’s perspective, if there is clearly visible damage like sagging gutters, rotting timbers or holes in the plastering, then what kind of unseen damage is there? Maybe there are also more serious issues that haven’t been addressed, like foundation problems or roofing damage.

Some minor damage can also indicate the presence of larger problems. For example, cracks in the wall or doors that won’t close properly could be caused by ground movement or water damage, both serious and costly repairs that could turn away potential buyers.

A professional handyman will have the building and carpentry skills to go through your home and make the minor cosmetic repairs necessary to fix these sorts of problems. They will also be able to identify areas for repair that you may have missed, especially the kinds of things that are important to potential buyers or will be picked up during a builder’s pre-purchase property inspection.


Landscaping Melbourne

While most buyers will spend the majority of their time looking over the interior and structure of the house, it’s important to not overlook the front and back yards. If the outside areas are overrun jungles, that will factor into a buyer’s purchase decision since they may have to invest money in cleaning up and landscaping the outside areas.

It’s important to make sure any gardens, lawns and outdoor structures like sheds and fences are in good condition and well tended. If you have a deck, patio or pergola, you should also have these structures checked out and repaired as necessary. While these can be appealing to buyers, they can be a major turn-off if there are any signs of wood rot or termite damage.

It’s worth investing in some general landscaping to tidy up the garden and make any necessary repairs to sheds, fences or retaining walls. However, you shouldn’t get carried away. A complicated and high-maintenance garden can also be off-putting to buyers since they may worry about the time and money required to maintain the garden.

It’s best to go for simple, low-maintenance landscaping that looks good and helps to accentuate the best features of the house and property.

Staying on top of repairs and maintenance will help you to ensure that your property is in the best possible condition and ready for sale. Talk to your trusted local handyman today.

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